Newborn Session . . . Coming in April 2013 | We Are Expecting!!!

So, many of you already know this if you are a friend or are a client that I have seen in the past month or two . . . but we have some exciting news around our house these day (besides the exciting news to me that the morning sickness stage seems to finally be a thing of the past, haha!)  WE ARE EXPECTING!!!  We are thrilled and are so excited to be having our first baby . . . and our fourth, and our second and our third.  Someone asked me the other day if this was our first baby and I realized that this is our first (together), his second, my third and our fourth (adding to our blended family of three kiddos already).  So however you add all that up or calculate it, it is just plain FANTASTIC!  And the kids are very excited (well, our girls are anyway, at ages 7 and 9; my 14-year-old son is about as excited as all teenagers are about these kind of things, haha.)  The girls are anxious to find out if they are expecting a little brother or sister, but I have been "on the fence" about this finding out thing since last month.  We have our ultrasound appointment scheduled for Oct. 30th for the gender check, so all of last month I kept telling myself that I had time to figure it out . . . time is ticking though, and I still don't know!!!  We do have a very fun, family-involved gender reveal planned though and the kids (and the mommy and daddy, LOL) will have a fun time with that if we decide to find out.  We shall see!!!  So without further ado . . . here is the little photo announcement that I shared with friends (via facebook) in August when we found out, into which I incorporated the tiniest little pair of sneakers that were a part of the surprise way I announced it to Mark that we were expecting a new little running buddy for some upcoming 5Ks, or for those after next April. :)