Baby Eikenberry Gender Reveal | Boy or Girl?!?

Although we announced this on facebook last week, I wanted to share it on the blog, too.  It was such a fun, unique and special time for us and I couldn't wait to share it after we found out!

We did decide to find out the gender of this little one.  We chose to do something unique that we each had not experienced before when our other children were born, and something that we could all participate in as a family.  This will be our (Mark and me) first child, but also our fourth (in our family) . . . and so we wanted something that would be a fun, memorable experience for all of us.  Our girls were especially excited to know if it was a brother or sister.

So, if you don't know yet what Baby E. is, or if you have seen some pics on facebook but not the actual video, have a peek at it here.

Special thanks to Jamie Weiss of Jamie Weiss Photography for shooting our portraits and for preparing the box of pink or blue balloons for us.  And my sister used our video camera to shoot the live video footage of us.

Enjoy!  Hope it makes you smile.  It has made me smile, and cry, and smile and cry over and over again.  Such an exciting time!  It was truly one of my favorite family memories ever!

[FMP width="900" height="450"][/FMP]