Fall Fun with Alivia | Knoxville Children's Photography

I could probably post these pics with no words, let them speak for themselves, and this post would be complete!  Just the first series of three do the trick.  But I have to tell you that I had so much fun playing with Alivia while we shot this session.  I take these teddy bears along to many of my kid shoots, and sometimes use them and sometimes don't.  But there was no way of getting around not using this one particular bear once Alivia saw it.  So she played with it.  And I played with it.  And we both just played during our time together.  If you are a fellow photographer and saw me talking to bears that day, and scolding little bears per Alivia's instructions when these little guys had to sit in timeout (which really just meant they would sit and she would sit beside them . . . win win for me!) . . . then just know that I was doing my job and following my "client's" instructions as to what she wished for me to shoot. :)  Alivia was adorable, and I even got a hug and a "You are my best friend, Sondra" near the end of our session.  Some 3-year-olds just make my job awesome.  Thank you, Alivia! :)