My Anneliese | Knoxville Newborn Photography

Allow me to introduce to you the newest little one in our household . . . Anneliese Brynn.  You may have seen the post about her grand arrival and seen some of my favorite pics from her birth and first day at the hospital.  And now, here are (posed) portraits from her first 2 weeks . . . she may or may not have been one very photographed baby those first few weeks. :) She was born on March 19th at 3:00pm after a very short and easy natural water birth.  She weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz. and was 19 inches long.  We named her Anneliese Brynn.  This is a family name on my side of the family.  My great-grandmother's name was Anna.  My grandmother's name is Anneliese (with the German pronunciation ah-na-LEE-za.)  My mom is Anna Lee.   So we combined those to name our little girl Anneliese, spelled just like my German grandmother's name, but pronounced with the English pronunciation a-na-LEASE.  Her name means "devoted to God; grace, favor."

I'll probably be sharing quite a few pics of her over the next week or so, and then I officially return back to work on May 16th for a session of a cute 6-month-old baby and another newborn sometime that same week (I am awaiting word of her arrival in the next week or so.)  So stay tuned for even more babies!


One of my favorites!


Another one of my faves!