Naked Baby Skin

Today's share are some nakey-baby pics.  I love her little baby skin.

I love, love, love her sweet little blonde head of hair.  I can almost smell the scent of her warm little head just looking at this pic.

Okay, so let me tell you that while we were shooting some cute sleepy pics in this cheesecloth, she woke up and started stretching and before long, she had busted out of her semi-swaddle and showed that cheesecloth and her mommy's camera who was boss of this photo shoot.  The top images is a posed images; the bottom two are the captures as she was stretching and waking.  Turns out the bottom right one is my favorite of them all.  That girl!

Oh, my heart just melts when I see her so sweet and sleepy and newborn-ish in her swaddle blanket.