Anneliese | Three Months

I just love, love, love this girl!  She just cracks me up with her "morning stretches" (see bottom photo) and I want so badly to remember how cute she looks while doing it, how her round little rump looks so squishy and soft in her little pjs, how her little fists get all balled up as she stretches her hands sooooo high to the ceiling, and how she just holds that pose for a minute or two while just looking around the room or looking at you.  I. love. it.  Got the camera out and photographed it so that I could always remember, as I know these moments are fleeting and will pass. At 3.5 months in these photos, she is quite the growing girl!  She just may have a chubby little tummy on her.  And a couple chins.  And I may just love her little baby skin; we spend a lot of time cuddling skin to skin.  Here are a few cuddle pics of us.  Our 8-year-old, Jordan, shot the pics of me and Anneliese (didn't she do an awesome job doing so?) and I shot the ones of little A. and her daddy.