Happy Veteran's Day and THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to all of the U.S. Service Men and Women that I know and love who are serving {Dustin Gibson, my step-brother, U.S. Army} and who have served {Mark Eikenberry, my husband, U.S. Navy ~ Robert Dietz, my grandfather, U.S. Army ~ John Roberts, my grandfather, U.S. Army ~ Charles Ledbetter, my grandfather, U.S. Navy ~ Nikki Gibson, my sister-in-law, U. S. Army ~ Paul Meyers, family friend, U.S. Army ~ Pat Sanford, family friend, U.S. Army} and to those that I don't know, but that give of themselves for all of us.  A big hug of appreciation and love to you today on this Veterans Day!  Know that you are thought of especially today!