Lily Is One! | Knoxville Baby Photography

Lily . . . Lily, Lily, Lily . . . you are just too cute!  This little gal just celebrated her 1st birthday and she is every bit of an active toddler.  She has her big sister, Iris, to keep up with, and as you can see, they are a cute pair.  Lily was even willing to share her little smash cake with big sis . . . or actually, big sis was willing to just jump right in there and get some cake when she saw the opportunity arise.  :)  I loved seeing these two again!  Iris has come to know me, since I have photographed her since she was a baby, and Lily just took right to me and wanted me to pick her up and hold her . . . that kinda made me want to put my camera down and pick her up.  Reminds me of being at home with my own active one-year-old!  Thank you, you two, for a fun afternoon! rs0714-blog011rs0714-blog02