Kate's Birth

Kate is here! And while I'm dying to write a beautiful birth story post, can I just be raw and honest and say that this mama has no time for long stories these days?!?  Having a new baby is a whole different ball game when you have not just bigger kids but a toddler everyday also.  So I'm going to let the photos do the birth story talking.  Sabrina Lafon with Sabrina Lafon Photography covered our morning (you might recall that she also was there a couple years ago when Anneliese was born, and that I wrote a blog about our birth story . . . a long blog with details, stories and photos . . . much different than this quick story here of Kate's birth, haha.)  Even if I were to type up a story, it would be fairly short; birth went like this . . . I was getting ready for my 38-week appointment with my midwife and suspected that the weeks of contractions I was having would have been doing some work and have me dilated.  I know my body and I could just tell.  We were close!  Turns out, when my water broke at about 7am, we were much closer than I imagined.  I texted, yes texted, Mark upstairs to tell him to wake up and it was "go" time.  He was laying with Anneliese and I didn't want to wake her, thus the text.  Called my mom to come up and stay with Anneliese.  Called the midwife.  Called the photographer.  Called the neighbor to come over and stay with Anneliese until my mom could make it to our house.  We loaded the bags (that were packed and ready) and we headed out at about 7:25am.  Contractions were beginning to become very regular in my back, about 5 minutes apart.  No pain, just sensation and they were short (about 30-40 seconds.)  Mark drove and I did my hypnobirthing breathing to stay centered, focused and relaxed.  By the time we got to St. Mary's Birth Center at Tennova 20 minutes later, I had to stop walking through the contractions (which were 2.5-3 minutes apart) and take a moment to breathe with them.  We checked in at about 7:50am and were given a room right away.  I was relieved that we had made it in time, and I hoped that our photographer also would, lol.  Sabrina told me later that she was running through the parking lot (she knows that I don't mess around during my labors and births, lol.)  Seeing my labor pool filling with water, my photographer show up, and my midwife enter the room (and my wonderful hubby was already with me, of course) meant that I could now birth this baby as my whole team was here!  Let's do this! Turns out, labor was so quick, we watched the pool filling while we welcomed baby so we took a mommy-baby bath afterward instead of having a tub for labor.  Hypnobirthing helped me keep my head in the game, my worship playlist kept me centered and focused, and my amazing nurse, Gail and my hubby, Mark kept supported me and held my hand while I found the next best position to a birth pool and let gravity help bring my baby down, and rockstar midwife, Blair Hicks physically and verbally encouraged me.  At 8:23am, sweet baby girl was earthside!  We called her "baby sister" for a whole day as we had done for months (although Anneliese, when asked what she would thought we should name her, wanted to call her "Cheesyburger" since she loves cheeseburgers these days, ahahaha.)  On Day Two, Kate Abigail Eikenberry was named and we brought her home.  All 6 lbs. 13oz. and 18.5 inches of her are perfect and loved.  She's the perfect "grand finale" to our crew of five kiddos. :)