Blankie Love

I love catching (with my lens) Kate doing the normal, mundane, everyday things that SHE does.  These are the things that make her "her" and distinguish her from her siblings when they were babies.  She loves to lay on her back and curl up in her blankie: baby skin, diaper and blankie and nothing else.  (She loves to cuddle with Mommy too, but I couldn't very well jump in these images.)  Here are a few of my favorites of her hands, feet, and her sweet little face cuddling in her blankie.  I'm really enjoying the time off while I'm on an extended leave to work less and just "be" more.  And having the time to just take in what goes on in my own home and to grab my camera for these little things is really inspiring me to offer some new session types in 2016.  I can't wait to plan that out more . . . when I do get back to work. :)