Riley + Mom + Dad | Knoxville Children's Photography

Kelly and Jason are good friends of ours and now their two-year-old, Riley, is a friend of our daughter's. :) She calls her "my fwiend, Wiley."  So cute!  I've had the pleasure of photographing Riley when she was a newborn, then a one-year-old, and now a two-year-old.  It's no surprise to you that I love photographing babies through their first year, but did you know that I equally love photographing children each year?  The kids don't mind it too much either, since they know to usually expect a little surprise gift/treat at the photo shoot AND that really we just play around and take portraits while doing so.  Kiddo is happy, mom and dad get some extra snuggle time and a happy kiddo, and I capture some fun images.  It's a win-win (or a win-win-win, really!)