Let's Go Pick Berries!

Let's go pick berries!  And take photos . . . of course!  Blueberries and blackberries are especially plentiful and delicious in late June and in July and my family has been frequenting the berry patch near our home recently to pick and eat.  We've had berries in our yogurt, freshly made muffins, and tonight we had a made-from-scratch cobbler . . . yum yum!  I would like to invite you to bring your family to our favorite berry-picking patch to pick for yourselves and to capture it in photographs!  There are two options when booking these sessions.

Option One: Petite Documentary Session {$175}
30 minutes candid coverage
5x5 Little Spiral Book with 12 images
$50 Gift Card to use with any Collection purchased at your Gallery Reveal & Order appointment

This session is a short and sweet documentary session of your children or family picking berries.  It includes 30 minutes of photography coverage of candid moments and interactions in the berry aisles, similar to what you see in the images featured in this email (of my own two littles.)  Session includes our little spiral book (press-printed 5x5 booklet) featuring your favorite 12 images.  It is a short story that your children will love to look at to recall their fun experience!

Option Two: Petite Portrait Session + Album {$325}
45 minutes candid & portrait coverage
*Limited Edition* 6x6 Leather Album with 10 images
$50 Gift Card to use with any Collection purchased at your Gallery Reveal & Order appointment

This session is a shorter version of a custom session, which is perfect when the heat and humidity keep us all wishing for shorter periods of time outside. We will create candid images of your family picking berries but also include a time for a family portrait and some of each of the kids. Candid berry-picking will be photographed in the berry aisles; family or child portraits will look great in front of the bamboo grove, within the rows of the blueberry bushes, and elsewhere on the property.


These sessions are available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at between 8:30-9:30am, and 4:30-7:30pm at Beauchene's Berry Farm on Bluegrass Road in Knoxville.  Contact me to schedule your session!

(Note for both session options:  Add'l pages may be added if you wish.  Or, book can be upgraded to larger, custom book/album.  The $50 gift card may be used toward any Collection in our new "Create Your Own Collection" structure, although no collection purchase or additional items are required with this session. Your Gallery Reveal & Order appointment will be scheduled to take place 3-7 days after your berry session at Sondra Kay Photography's office.)